Creepy stuffed animals are the perfect friends to get you through the day. We have compiled a list of our top 10 must-have plushies to have in your collection. This list is based on our most popular, favorite and best selling creepy cute plushies

Baby Baphomet Plushies

Embark on a Mythical Plushie Journey

Meet the Baby Baphomet Plushies, adorable incarnations of the dark lord, complete with pentagrams and big button eyes. Standing at 12 inches with a chonky round body, these plushies are a blend of cuteness and darkness. Available in various colors, they are perfect for those who love a touch of the mystical in their collection.

Weighted Tarot Kittens: Mystical Companions

Feel the Magic in Every Hug

Our Weighted Tarot Kittens are more than just toys; they are mystical companions with distinct embroidered Tarot cards on their bellies. Measuring 14 inches and weighing around 1.5lbs, these kittens offer a sensory experience unlike any other. Collect them all and immerse yourself in the major arcana.

werewolf plushies

Tarot Card Werewolf Pups: Punk Rock Mystique

Unleash Your Wild Side with these creepy stuffed animals.

The Tarot Card Werewolf Pups are a unique blend of shaggy fur, punk rock attitude, and mysticism. With screen-printed tarot card patches and red eyes, these 14-inch plushies are perfect for those who like their collection a little on the wild side of the plush.

werewolf plushies

Celestial Jackalopes: Mystical and Comforting

Embrace the Celestial Charm

Our Celestial Jackalopes, featuring the triple moon symbol, are a must-have. These 12-14 inch plushies are lightly weighted and ultra-plush, making them ideal for comforting hugs.

werewolf plushies

Deady Bears: Adorably Macabre

Embrace the Celestial Charm

The Deady Bears are a unique take on the classic teddy bear. With X eyes, quarter-colored fur, and a bloody knife pendant, these 12-inch plushies add a creepy cute twist to any collection.

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Chibi Bats: Elegantly Petite

Fly into a World of Cuteness

These 8-inch tall Chibi Bats, with button eyes and embroidered features, come in a variety of stunning colors and patterns. They’re perfect for those who love their plushies small but impactful.

bat plushie, creepy cute plushie, bat, cute bat, venodolls

Weighted Vampire Bats: Comforting and Cuddly

Your Perfect Anxiety-Relief Companion

The Weighted Vampire Bats, with ultra-plush fur and a 16-inch wingspan, are packed with approximately 10oz of weight. They are ideal for providing anxiety relief on the go.

bat plushie, creepy cute plushie, bat, cute bat, venodolls

Weighted Boogiemonsters: Glowing Companions for the Night

Banish Your Fears with a Cuddle

Small, weighted, and perfect for travel, these Boogiemonsters with glow-in-the-dark smiles are your ideal companions to ward off fears, day or night.

bat plushie, creepy cute plushie, bat, cute bat, venodolls

Shroom Buddies: Sparkling Friends for Adventures

Add a Touch of Whimsy to Your Collection

Approximately 8 inches tall, Shroom Buddies are ready to join you on your next adventure. With sparkling eyes, they’re a whimsical addition to any plushie collection.

bat plushie, creepy cute plushie, bat, cute bat, venodolls

Sad Dolls: Classic and Emotive

The creepy stuffed animal that started it all.

Our Sad Dolls collection, featuring sad bunnies, cows, flap flaps, and more, is a classic choice. With embroidered features and stitched bodies, these 8-inch tall dolls are perfect for those who find beauty in sadness.

Explore our full range of creepy plushies and enhance your collection.

These 10 creepy stuffed animals are a must-have for any collector who loves the blend of the adorable and the eerie. Each one tells its own unique story and brings its own charm to your collection. Dive into this world of mystical, cuddly creatures and find your next favorite plushie today!