Bat Plushie

Snuggle up with this Weighted Bat Plush

Looking for a bat plushie? This super cute plushie combines soft, cuddly material with 1lb of weighted hypo-allergenic pellets for deep cuddling sessions.

How can I find my perfect Bat Plush?

You can adopt a unique ready to ship Weighted Bat plush or choose the mystery box option for an artist curated suprise! 

New Plushies drop every Friday at 1pm 

VenomDoll  Plushie  Highlights

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Create your Plushie the way you want it with customizable color options.

Available for Adoption

We have premade plushies available for adoption and new adoptable plushies drop every Friday at 1pm EST. Adoptable plushies come with adotion papers.

Handmade with love In USA

All Plushies are designed and hand made by fiber artist, Kylee Venomdoll.. We are located near Detroit in Michigan.

Support Handmade Arts and Small Business!

Perfect for collectors and fans of unique plushies

Whether you’re drawn to its distinctiveness or its adorable creepy cute charm, these plushies offer a special touch that collectors will treasure.

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Customize your own Chibi Bat Plush

Not connecting with any of the above adoptable plushies or looking for a speciffic color combo? You can order your own bat plushie in your favorite colors. Customizable plushies allow you to pick the main color, accent color and button or X_X eyes. Our custom plushies also offers VenomDoll exclusive buttons and glow in the dark stiching options.

VenomDolls Baphomet plush dolls are customized to your specifications and sent out.

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We also have chibi bats

Get ready to add a touch of adorable spookiness to your collection with our Chibi Bat Plushies! These original Venomdolls characters feature cute embroidered “Bat-tattoos” on their tummies and charming button eyes. Perfect for fans of unique and handmade plushies, these bats are sure to steal your heart. Order yours now and let the creepy-cute cuteness begin!