Venomdolls X WitchesnWanders Collaboration

VenomDolls is teaming up with American Textile Designer: WitchesnWanders to bring you some never before seen, handmade plushies using custom prints. The premade plushies featured in this blog will be available during this Fridays drop, 04/27/2023 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Please consider following AND @WitchesnWanders on Instagram + check out her eco-friendly fabric shop:

CUSTOM PLUSHIES ALSO AVAILABLE! This collaboration is on going; meaning if you go to WitchesnWanders fabric shop and see a pattern that catches your eye, message Kylee on and she will make whatever you heart desires. For a completely one of a kind plush made from hand designed fabric prints.

“This has been a very fun and inspiring experince, bringing her prints to life as creepy cute plushies. I always love a new creative challenge, especailly if it lifts up another artist.” -Kylee Venomdoll

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