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Eclipse Kitty (Weighted Beanies) – Turquoise


The Eclipse Kitties

It was a night of magic under the solar eclipse. As the moon turned a deep, mysterious shade, four tiny kittens were born – each one a different enchanting color.

First came the lavender kitten, with soft fur that shimmered in the moonlight. She had a crescent moon symbol on her tummy and big, round button eyes that twinkled like the stars.

Next was the black kitten, sleek and elegant. His eyes had half-moons that seemed to wax and wane with the phases of the moon. An eclipse design was etched into his ebony fur.

The third kitten was a vibrant papaya orange, her plump body like a little sun. The eclipse symbol on her tummy glowed faintly, as if containing its own celestial energy.

Last but not least was the turquoise kitten, her fur as cool and calming as a night sky. Wisps of cloud-like fluff covered her body, and her button eyes show full moons that seemed to draw you in.

The four eclipse kitties snuggled close together, their unique markings and colors complementing each other perfectly. They had been born on this special night for a reason – to bring wonder and enchantment into the world. As the moon slowly returned to its normal glow, the kittens drifted off to sleep, dreaming of chasing stars and playing in moonbeams.

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Each Venomdoll plush is handmade with love, in Detroit Michigan. These are delicate handmade art dolls designed for adults; not meant for rough play/snuggles.

*Some contain small hazardous parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 13.

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