Inside our Spine-Chilling Photoshoot at Indiana's Most Haunted Mansion

When the Venomdolls creator and her ghoulish gang got an invite to explore Indiana’s notoriously haunted Wescott Manor, they grabbed their creepiest-cutest plushies and set forth on a chilling creative adventure.

Built in 1872, the striking Victorian mansion turned funeral home, and now air bnb; plays host to numerous ghostly residents and paranormal tales. Its labyrinth of rooms, dust-lined antique furniture, faded grandeur, and eerie atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for an artistic shoot.

Arriving with goth stuffed animals in hand were venomous visionary Kylee and her models Nyx and Sanguine, along with deadly Deadybear backpacks and creepy bunny plushies. As the only souls wandering the creaky corridors, the group had full reign to arrange an exquisite scene boasting dolls, décor, and the historic site’s own artifacts from the past. The creepy crew even dared to stay the night!

Steve photographed the ghoulish crew while Kylee composed a mesmerizing shot: models in glam goth gowns posed elegantly amidst aged furniture, as colorful plushies peered between the rails. Lit only by a ringlight and the mansion’s minimal electricity, an irresistibly eerie, avant garde aesthetic shone through.

Each room offered elegant new dimensions to explore, from staind glass windows to grand staircases. Kylee even documented finding peculiar small footsteps in the dusty carpet of an attic-like space. As the night went on, Wescott Manor’s haunted happenings and beautiful decay fueled the team’s dark whimsical visions.

By the time the creatives locked up to leave, they felt surprisingly sad saying farewell to the empty estate that had set their imaginations and inspiration ablaze. Clutching their creepy-cute comrades, Venomdolls left having experienced Indiana’s haunting and history firsthand while capturing compelling art. Until we meet again, Wescott Manor…