Meet the bewitching Baby Baphomets! Handmade with quality and care, these snuggly stuffed satanic symbols stand approximately 11 inches tall. Their plush black fur feels silky smooth and perfect for hugging.

The Baby Baphomets’ wide button eyes and embroidered pentagram design glow in the dark, adding a creepy yet cute touch when the lights go out. With just the eyes and pentagram illuminated, these goth plushies shine bright even in the darkness.

Inspired by occult imagery, the Baby Baphomets make a cheeky gothic companion for fans of all things pagan, supernatural and macabre. Their sweet round faces and stuffed hooves are irresistibly squeezable and fidget-friendly.

Each Baby Baphomet plushie is a unique mini Gothic masterpiece straight from the imagination of Kylee Venomdoll. Add a bit of bewitching charm to your creepy cute plushie collection and snuggle a handmade Baby Baphomet today!

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