Plushie backpacks have gained popularity in street fashion, originating from the unique Harajuku fashion style, known for it’s cute kawaii and colorful aesthetics. Plushie backpacks, like our Vendomdolls creepy cute Zombie Bunny backpack, are one of a kind and as individual as their owners.

Zombie Bunny Backpack Plush
Photo: Bunny Backpack #00X

Are your Zombie Bunny Backpacks Collectable?

Yes, These special Zombie Bunnies are all one of a Kind and Numbered. — each Venomdolls’ plushie backpack have unique serial numbers embroidered into their ears.

Do you make non Zombie Bunny Bags?

Yes, not only do we make non zombie bunnies we also make Bears, Alien Kitties, Jackalopes and Bats. See all of our Plushie Backpacks here. or see the gallery below.

Can I get a custom Bunny Backpack?

Yes! We love to make custom backpacks for our customers. The fastest way to contact me about a custom plush bag, is to message me on or to email me at

Where do I get a Bunny Backpack?

Visit our Preorder Zombie Bunny Plushie Backpack page here. Chose your style and order. You can always message me before a purchase with any color combos / fabric style questions.