Build a Bear Baphomet Plush (GLOW IN THE DARK)


Baphomet Plush

10 inch tall chonky baphomet bear! Handmade in the US!
Oh, did I mention they glow in the dark?

Summoning Softness: The Allure of Build A Bear Baphomet Plush

Discover the perfect synthesis of cuddly creation and mystical enchantment with this Build a Bear Baphomet plush. This plush is an embodiment of gothic charm, carefully designed to bring a touch of the occult into the softness of your embrace. From its plush black fur adorned with iconic pentagram patterns to the mesmerizing button eyes that seem to hold the night’s secrets, this Baphomet bear is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Dare to delve into the darker side of plushies and craft your unique companion with our build-a-plush Baphomet, where softness meets the allure of the arcane. Our Classic Baby Baphomet Plush

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Each Venomdolls build a bear Baphomet plush is handmade with love, in Detroit Michigan. These are delicate handmade art dolls designed for adults; not meant for rough play/snuggles.

*Some contain small hazardous parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 13. Such as our premium acrylic button eyes!

This plushie is handmade and truly one of a kind. There are only a few in stock and they will defiantly go quickly! Sold on a first come, first serve basis. *Please note that adding it to your cart will not reserve it *All plushies purchased on FLASHSALE Fridays will be shipped USPS First Class on the following Monday. (Sometimes sooner) Priority mail option is available at check out!! US flat rate shipping is $5, international shipping starts at $20 for Canada and $35 for everywhere else.

Return policy: Due to COVID 19 we will not be accepting any returns at this time.
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The viral “Build-a-Bear Baphomet plush” is REAL NOW, handmade and cute as ever. Who needs one? Oh, and did I mention that they glow in the dark? Well they do and it stunning, just charge your dark lord plush in the sun or in a UV light to see the magic happen.

Our Classic Baby Baphomet Plush

Click here to see our video on tiktok
Accept no imitation

Build a bear Baphomet plush is a magical, glow in the dark, handmade master piece and no two are alike! Extremely limited quantity, so get yours while you still can or forever hold you peace. You do not want to miss these viral creepy cuties! We used ultra plush fur & custom printed pentagram fabric for the accents.