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Celestial Jackalope Backpack – Glimmer #074


Behold the ethereal Glimmer, a cosmic jackalope whose aura shines as brightly as her name implies! This majestic plush backpack has stunning coral fur with midnight blue accents. A triple moon emblem glows on her belly, hinting at Glimmer’s connection to lunar energies and magic.

Glimmer is deeply intuitive and highly in-tune with the natural realm. She loves wanders under the stars, gathering healing crystals, pressing flowers, and meditating under the full moon. Glimmer honors the divinity within Mother Earth.

Despite her otherworldly talents, Glimmer is down-to-earth and always up for fun with friends. She enjoys camping, art shows, trying new vegan recipes, and spreadingsparkles of joy wherever she goes. Glimmer believes we each have an inner light.

With her radiant aura and precious cargo pouch, Glimmer the Celestial Jackalope makes the perfect companion for soul-searching adventures. Let her remind you to follow your heart and trust your inner wisdom—your own magic is waiting!

** Backpack stuffing will be stiff at first, but will soften and add more room inside over time.

Sold out!


Each Venomdoll plush is handmade with love, in Detroit Michigan. These are delicate handmade art dolls designed for adults; not meant for rough play/snuggles.

*Some contain small hazardous parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 13.

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