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Peri the Weighted Kitty


Meet the charming and elegant Peri! This lovely periwinkle kitty has soft pastel fur that matches her graceful nature. Peri wears a sleek black collar and loves looking prim and proper.
Peri enjoys relaxing sessions of grooming her fur to keep it looking flawless. She also has quite the discerning palate and prefers gourmet treats and food.
With her refined manners and tastes, Peri brings a sense of luxury and beauty to any home. She enjoys napping in filtered sunbeams and people watching from stylish perches.
Peri may seem reserved at first but will slowly open up to show her sweet and affectionate side. She loves cuddling close with her favorite humans.
While Peri’s belly lacks a tarot card, her mystique comes from within. She marches to the beat of her own drum and adds a touch of class to any space. Peri will be a loyal confidant and friendly companion

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Each Venomdoll plush is handmade with love, in Detroit Michigan. These are delicate handmade art dolls designed for adults; not meant for rough play/snuggles.

*Some contain small hazardous parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 13.

This plushie is handmade and truly one of a kind. There is only one in stock and it will go quickly! Sold on a first come, first serve basis. *Please note that adding it to your cart will not reserve it *All plushies purchased on FLASHSALE Fridays will be shipped USPS First Class on the following Monday. (Sometimes sooner)

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