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Watermelon/Teal Split Bunny Beanie & Backpack – #070 PIP


Split Bunny Beanie and Backpack combo in Teal & Watermelon 🍉 Collaboration with Krakensgirl Kreations coming your way Friday!!
Meet Pip, the whimsical split bunny who marches to the beat of her own drum! This unique plushie has a watermelon half with a rosy cheek and teal eye, while the other half is a vibrant teal with a bright pink button eye. Just like her appearance, Pip has a split personality – she can be sweet one moment and sassy the next!
Pip loves snacking on her favorite fruits and veggies, though her watermelon side tends to crave sweets more often. She is quite the daydreamer, easily distracted by butterflies, bubbles, and other pretty things that catch her mismatched eyes. Pip enjoys looking at the world from new perspectives, whether hanging upside down from a tree branch or viewing her reflection in a kaleidoscope.
While Pip is a happy-go-lucky bunny, she has plenty of opinions and isn’t afraid to express herself. She will thump her foot if something bothers her! But Pip is a good friend – she is loyal, playful, and always ready for adventure. With her vibrant spirit and unique outlook, this split bunny brings fun wherever she hops!

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Each Venomdoll plush is handmade with love, in Detroit Michigan. These are delicate handmade art dolls designed for adults; not meant for rough play/snuggles.

*Some contain small hazardous parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 13.

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