Introducing Our New Collaboration: Dead Bunny Beanies and Plushies

We’re thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with fellow artist Megan of Krackensgirl Kreations – Dead Bunny beanies and plushies! These spooky split-colored pieces are paws-itively to die for.

The hand crocheted Dead Bunny beanies by Megan feature floppy ears, x eyes, and a split “hare” color just like the matching 10 inch Dead Bunny plushies. Choose from green, purple, orange, pink and more mixed shades.

Both the beanies and plushies have a delightfully creepy vibe perfect for Halloween or Christmas gifts! Double the dead bunny fun by getting the set.

Each item is lovingly handmade, ensuring no two are exactly alike. The Dead Bunny beanies and plushies make an awesome gift for the creepy-cute enthusiast or kawaii goth in your life. Please check out her website:

We’re so excited to collaborate with Megan of Krackensgirl Kreations and unite our talents on these unique Dead Bunny sets. Be sure to get yours before they hop away!

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Megan is an incredible crochet artist who handmakes the spooky-cute Dead Bunny beanies, featuring x eyes and split-colored fur. We then designed complementary 10 inch Dead Bunny plushies using the same unique color combinations like green/purple and orange/green.

Collaborating with Meg to offer themed crochet and plushie sets was such a rewarding experience. Each piece is lovingly handmade, ensuring no two sets are ever exactly alike.

We can’t wait for you to hop on the Dead Bunny collaboration! These limited edition beanies and plushies make the ultimate gift for fellow goths, oddballs, plushie fans, and crochet enthusiasts.