Ready for a new way to collect our creepy cute Venomdoll Plushies? Today were announcing Series 1 Autopsy Collectable Art Toys! The Collection Starts with the fan favorite Canni-Bun plushie, These collectable art toys go hand in hand with our hand made plushie line.

These collectable art toys are simmilar to vinyl art toys made famous by Kid Robot. However ours are each one of a kind, 3D printed and numbered.

Our new collectible art toys take our plushies to the next level. Each one is digitaly hand sculpted and hand painted to create a one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t find anywhere else. These toys are perfect for collectors who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each of our creations. Every part of the process is done completely by local artists in Detroit, MI.

The theme is Autopsy! All Series 1 collectable art toys are versions of the plushies revealing there cute skeletons and guts. Each one is will have a unique color combo or something that sets it apart from the others. They will all come with Autopsy repots that have their serial number on them, as well as signatures from Kylee Venomdoll & Steve Oliver ( Sculptor). Two best friends from Detroit putting our creative talents together to make new and exciting collectables.

First Autopsy Collectable is the fan favorite Cannibun! Just in time for Easter and 4/20. After the Cannibun art collectable we will be releasing variations including Sweet Tooth Buns and Broken Hearts Buns. The next full sculpt will be the Chibi Bat Autopsy coming soon.

We will be releasing more information on collect-ability in an upcoming blog but for now Autopsy collectables series 1 kicks off with #001 Easter Bunny and #002 Medible Edible on sale this Friday at 1. Easter Bunny Cannibun being #001, it will be sold as a set with a matching handmade Venomdolls plush.