Based on the Venomdolls Sweet Tooth Bun Plushies, comes the Collectable Art Toy Autopsy versions. The first releases all have a clear candy style element.  The first 4 Sweet Tooth Art Toys are numbers 14, 15, 16, and 17 in the Autopsy Series 1 collection. These Art Toys are one of a kind and have the option of getting a Matching Plushie with them.


Click the names below for details on each one.

#17 Sucker Punch | #16 Tootsie Pop | #15 Bad Bubble Gum | #14 Zero Sugar 


For more info on the full Autopst Series One Collectable Art Toy line read our realease article:

Creepy Cute Plushies Come to Life as Collectable Art Toys!

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